What is Fusion?

Some of us have recognised the need to create a society for Open University students and graduates whose primary interest is in the world of physics. How many of you would love to visit CERN or other institutions like the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory? Perhaps you want to attend some of the lectures and meetings held by the Institute of Physics but don't want to go on your own?

Would you welcome the opportunity to read reviews of OU courses before you take the plunge? Would you like to receive a quarterly newsletter with content provided by Physics Web, other students and perhaps staff & members of the OU physics dept? Would you like to influence the university on its choice of future courses - or on post graduate education?

How often do you wish you had a list of student contacts to help with a particular problem or to maybe discuss 'natural philosophy' with at a local pub? With the creation of Fusion and affiliation with the Institute of Physics - we hope to extend your OU experience by running a society open to all.

Special points of interest

  • The all new Open University Society for Physicists.
  • Affiliated to the Institute of Physics and OUSA.
  • Visits to sites of interest.
  • Exchange of views and experience.

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Just for Students!

  • This Physics Society will be affiliated to NEXUS, the student branch within the Institute of Physics.
  • On joining the Institute as a student member, you automatically become part of NEXUS too.
  • The Nexus News magazine is sent out to student members. It contains everything from interviews and competitions to humour and occasionally physics! Contributions welcome.

What is the Institute of Physics?

The Institute of Physics is a professional body and learned society, established to promote the advancement and dissemination of a knowledge of and education in the science of physics, pure and applied.

The Institute has a world-wide membership and is active in:

  • Scientific publishing and electronic dissemination of physics.
  • Providing support for physicists in all professions and careers.
  • Providing support for physics in schools, colleges and universities.

The benefits of Institute membership

  • A copy of Physics World every month, to keep you up to date on the latest events, research and jobs in physics.
  • Discounts on all books and journals produced by Institute of Physics Publishing.
  • Use of PhysicsWeb, a source of Physics Links, Jobs, Electronic Journals and your own portable email address!
Professional Support - upon graduating, you can apply for associate membership (and use the letters AMInstP after your name) - and enrol on our Professional Development Scheme to gain Chartered Physicist Status.

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